So what is the real secret to creating your ideal life and business? The majority of those I coach state the following:

Trying to fit your life into your business – instead of trying to have a life with what is left over from all the time you spend building your business.

How many birthdays and anniversaries have you missed due your work? What’s one event you most regret not attending?

We all want to enjoy the pride of owning a successful company; a company that you know flourished by the blood, sweat, and tears that you put into it. But what is the price to pay outside of work?

With all this said, let’s focus on your ideal business. What is your core purpose – that difference you want to make? This is the key reason you chose to build one business instead of another.

After all, many business ventures can make you money. However, the ones that touch your heart and excite you every day are the companies that you will be most successful at building.

Now, what are your top 3 to 5 business values? Think of these as the behaviors you value most deeply. They might include honesty, fast results, amazing service, giving back, high profits, team synergy, or many other values that are important to you.

Who are your ideal customers? What are the people or organizations you would most enjoy working with? Moreover, what are the customer markets that could most benefit from the difference you want to make?
Think of the products and services you offer. Describe them. What benefits do they provide? How do these meet the specific pains and aspirations of your ideal customer? How do they help your customer improve their life, business, or organization?

Once you have an ideal picture of the purpose, values, market, and products/services you will provide, create a picture of your ideal business in your mind. What will it look like in 3 years?

It is time to create your third vision board, which is for your ideal position. However, before you create the actual vision board, write a specific description of your ideal business. Just start writing and think of all the things you would enjoy doing that would also bring high value to your business. See, hear, and feel what your ideal business would be like.

Next, create your second vision board, which is of your ideal business. Get out your colored markers, magazines, pictures, print outs from the internet – and some glue, or scotch tape. Take these and arrange them on your vision board (some cardboard or corkboard) to develop a picture of the business you want to have grown over the next 3 years.

Post this somewhere at your office (or home office space) so that you can see it every day that you work. This vision board is there to inspire you and help you keep on track so you grow your business in a way that will match you ideal future.

Enjoy creating your vision board. It should be fun and creative. After all, it’s about your ideal business in the future and that naturally excites you.

Make Your Difference,