What would you do if you had complete control over your destiny? Who would you become?

Many entrepreneurs are so busy running their companies that they never allow time to actually define what they most want in their lives, both personally and professionally. In my coaching, I see this issue time and time again. So ask yourself:

What is your ideal life?

It probably includes much more than running a business and making money. When I ask clients this, their first answer is almost always spending time with friends and family. Then it goes into hobbies, passions, and interests they just never seem to find the time for.

Here’s what I’d like for you do. Take out your list you made in the last blog. Now it’s time to get clear about what you want. Grab a sheet a paper and a pen (or your IPad or tablet – for those who are tech-savvy) and describe your ideal life in as much detail as possible.

Where do you live? What people are involved in the activities you share?

Describe your dream car, home, and personal items and toys you would possess

Where do you want to travel and explore?

Now, describe the characteristics of your closest friends. Imagine your ideal relationship. If you have someone you care about, what attracts you most to him or her?

Many of my clients when asked to do this exercise want to give back and support specific causes. Would you begin your own charity?

What legacy do you want to leave for your friends and family?

After everything you want is written down, it’s time to create your “Ideal Life Vision Board.” This will be the first of three vision boards you will be creating during this first month. It’s easy and fun. Best of all, it will help you create a big vision of what is possible in your life!

Just take out some magazines, photos, anything you want to put on the board, and put photos (yours or ones you print off the web or find in magazines), write specific words or phrases (including cutting out and pasting words from magazines, newspapers, or whatever you print off the web). Paste or tape these onto your vision board.

Put your vision board of your ideal life up somewhere you can see it so the vision inspires you to take action.

We lose track of what we desire in life because we are so caught up in the day-to-day activities already occurring. This will make sure you don’t forget what is truly important to you.

Lastly, beginning right now, I want you to think of and write down three actions that will move you further to achieving the words and pictures on the vision board this week. Do this every week and see how much more productive you become!

Make Your Difference,