Good Day!

Imagine your ideal life three years from now. Assume that everything is precisely the way you want it. In fact, it has turned out even better that you ever dreamed. Now picture it in your mind. Notice how it looks, sounds, and feels to you. That’s right.

Think of this as your Level 10 Life!

People who achieve millionaire wealth and lasting fulfillment let go of anything that has happened in their past. They choose to become aware of any internal roadblock, make conscious decisions to move past them, and then focus on taking the action steps necessary to create the results they want.

This is how you are going to create your ideal life. Better yet, I’m going to teach you all the steps to achieve this dream so you don’t have to learn by trial and error as I did.

Now go ahead and describe your ideal life and write it down. Describe what you want in detail. Imagine the relationships you want, friends, ideal partner, people you want to meet, lifestyle, places you want to travel, how you want to help others, ways you want to give back – imagine your life in big, bold, exciting ways. Dream BIG!

If you have a significant other, also ask them to write their vision for each area. He or she is just as much a part of the business as you are.

As you prepare to describe your ideal life, I want you to imagine that everything has gone according to plan. In fact, it has actually turned out better than expected. Envision the difference you want to make, the lives you want to touch, and the business you have enjoyed growing.

Expand your mind to believe that anything is possible. As you consider your ideal life in all its glory and splendor, create a clear vision of where you see yourself over the next three years.

Over the next few days, keep a journal or write down your ideas of what would be your ideal life. Think of them as categories: family, friends, health and fitness, lifestyle, finances, entertainment, personal development, spirituality, or how you want to give back.

This vision will be the catalyst for all your goals going forward. Everything you put into your life should remind you of that vision you created for yourself.

Enjoy creating your vision. Your ideal life awaits…

Make Your Difference,