I really want to thank you again for signing up. Whether you are preparing to start your first business, ready to get unstuck in your current business, or ramping up to create your best year ever, this is going to be an amazing month for you.

Some things coming up: This month there will be will be expert calls with guest Ken Canion on making your decision to become a millionaire, the obstacles that can come up and how to overcome them.

My second expert call is with Jamie Tardy. She is author of the upcoming 2014 book, “Eventual Millionaire,” and has interviewed over 120 millionaires (including yours truly twice) on how to become a millionaire.

Jamie will be talking about the strategies all millionaires use to get started, how to hit the ground running with your business, and what self-made millionaires do differently.

There will also be Training Calls with me and some behind-the-scenes videos filled with content on what it takes to get your business started, or move to the next level.

Therefore, whether you’re just starting out, turning around your business, or looking to find ways to grow existing revenues and profits even faster, the first step is to get clear about where you are headed.

To do that, I’m going to guide you through creating an exact picture of your ideal life, ideal business, and ideal position within your business – and what you want each of these to look like 3 years from now.
Each week I’ll be adding a couple of blogs to help you with these topics.

Right now, I’m going to ask you to get some boards, colored markers, and your old magazines you may have around the house as you’ll want some pictures. Over the next three weeks, you are going to be creating vision boards for your life, business, and your ideal position in it.


These Vision Boards will act as a constant reminder of the goals you are committed to achieve.

This is so exciting and I’m definitely looking forward to your comments on the blogs. I want to help you on your journey so anything you want to ask or discuss I’ll be here.

Get ready to start creating the life and business you always dreamed for yourself. Get ready to have some breakthroughs.

Have a great week.

Make Your Difference,