Today is May 26, 2019. I’m “time stamping” this so that as you think out into the future, you know my starting point for this discussion.

Big Headline. Hope it got your attention. Big, but not hype.

I want to start this discussion by saying Conscious is being aware, it’s connecting to a bigger vision of what is possible, and knowing the trends and what is in demand in the marketplace. Conscious is being able to make your difference because you know what is working in business today.

The Formula for Creating Wealth, made famous in my book, is: Conscious Focused Action. That formula is at the heart of this discussion.

To benefit from this new gold rush, you must become Conscious not only of the trends, but the #1 Result you want to achieve by aligning with them. Then you must take Focused Action to achieve it.


You Must Think Exponentially Bigger!


In 2,000, I predicted the NSDQ would fall to 900, it went on to fall from a high of 5,400 to 1,100 in that market collapse.

Then in 2005, I told my friends and clients the real estate market was going to collapse. I sold my real estate in 2005 and 2006. We all know what happened in 2008.

Those were predictions of catastrophes. Now I have a prediction of what I believe will be the most major financial upswing and opportunity in our lifetime. A true gold rush – that is already starting.

An unparalleled profit opportunity for entrepreneurs who are prepared.

Of course, you have to make your own decisions and I have to disclaim I am not giving you financial advice. It’s your responsibility to do your own research and choose your own actions. That said…

What I am providing is a high-level overview of what I believe is the highest-probability financial outcome starting now and throughout the next decade.


A Gold Rush for Entrepreneurs!


Entrepreneurs, their clients, and society will be some of the biggest winners in the gold rush that is emerging right now and will explode upwardly over the next decade – not just logarithmically, which is linear, but on a quantum level.

quote – Moses Ma

And, while I think we are likely moving toward a recession sometime in the next two years, that won’t change the dynamics, opportunities, and big trend direction that are setting up right now.

Unlike the gold rush of the 1,800’s, where you had to be in specific locations, such as Colorado, Utah, and California, because of the internet and globalization, this gold rush can be accessed and mined from anywhere.


The 3 Factors Causing the Gold Rush…


The emerging Gold Rush is the confluence of 3 factors: (1) new trends in technology, (2) uplifting of consciousness worldwide, and (3) the power of entrepreneurship.