The Diamond Program is our most exclusive opportunity to work directly with JV Crum III. It is designed for 7- and 8-Figure CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to make a significant increase in both their impact and financial success.

Diamond Clients may want to expand their vision for what they can achieve and how their business can transform clients and positively impact the world. They may also seek to revise their business model, team structure, and strategies in order to achieve hyper-growth and scalability. 

Due to the intimate relationship and JV’s schedule, he can only accept two clients into this program at any time. Acceptance into the program is by application and interview with JV to assure that it is a good fit for both you and JV.

This program includes extensive consciousness and human potential work as well as meditation and regular exercise so you develop mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. The Diamond Program is a wholistic approach to business, financial, and personal success.

In this intimate, advanced work with clients, JV shares knowledge gained from connecting with over a 1,000 thought leaders in multiple areas of business, human potential, and consciousness. This brings a level of insight and distinctions that help propel businesses to new heights. 

The Diamond Program is customized to meet the specific outcomes and needs of each client. This typically includes regular private sessions with JV, up to four in-person days with JV, and access to JV by email and for laser mentoring by phone in-between sessions. Work with your team is also an option.

For additional fees, JV can keynote your meetings as well as facilitate team retreats.

To discuss this program, contact JV directly at: +1-303-641-0401

Investment: $100,000 US and up for the year-long program.