We all need money to live. We need to pay our rent, to buy groceries, to purchase clothes, to pay for education, etc. Many people are simply content with having enough money to meet these basic needs.

But why settle for having enough money when you could have an abundance of money?

A life of abundance is a life of happiness. A life of abundance ensures that you have ample free time. It ensures that you are able to live in a way that is rich, rewarding, and fulfilled. It ensures that you have the resources to help others out and give to the causes you care about.

It ensures that you enjoy your life, that you wake up happy and go to sleep happy. However, the key to a life of abundance is financial success. Therefore you must make more money if you want to the live the life of your dreams.

Many people feel guilty about wanting to become wealthy. They feel that charging people for their products and services is immoral. They believe that in order to truly help people and add value to peoples’ lives they must do so for free. People trapped in this kind of mindset rarely build financial wealth and they almost never have access to a life of abundance.

Building financial wealth is not bad or immoral. In fact, money can be a powerful force for good. Becoming financially wealthy by doing something with your life that truly matters, something that makes an important difference to others and that improves the quality of life for the world in which we all live, is one of life’s most noble callings.

Of course, with an abundance of money you can do an abundance of things. You can take exotic vacations, you can buy expensive pieces of art, and you can go to dinner at fancy restaurants.

But making more money and living a life of abundance isn’t just about your own the things that money buys. When you make more money you can use your financial resource to help others and make a positive impact on this world in which we all live.

You can help an ailing friend with medical bills, you can pay your children’s college tuition, you can lend a helping hand to an aging parent struggling to retire, you can give to cause you care about and passionately believe in.

When you make more money and live a life of abundance you realize your full potential to give back to the world. When you make more money you never need to choose between living well and helping others. With a life of abundance the sky is the limit. You can build more businesses, touch more lives, make a bigger difference, play on bigger playing fields, and realize more of who you are – by choosing new ways to show up and live fully!