I am currently traveling in Europe during the holidays. Taking trains and having time to ponder life brought me to the realization that while most of what we hear at Thanksgiving is about being thankful for what is external to us, we seldom utilize this day to focus on what we are thankful for on the inside.

This is what I mean. We are asked to be thankful for the people in our lives, for the money we have, for the opportunities that come our way. Indeed, these are all important areas of our lives to be grateful for; however, they are all external to us.

What is internal to each of us is our very lives. Today I ask you to take a moment to acknowledge how amazing your own life is. Each of us is on a precious human journey to which we have been handed the keys to creating our life and the freedom to design our life as we each choose.

Consider how grateful you are to be on this planet, to have the ability to make conscious choices about what you do with your life, to have the capacity to create a life that matters to you, others, and our world.

Say “Thank You” to yourself for being alive today.

Be grateful for your inner passions, your sense of purpose, your vision for making life on this planet better, your desire to live in a manner that brings meaning to you and others.

Make a list of all the aspects of your life that are internal to you; for example: having a mind that thinks in certain ways that serve you and your life here on Earth, having the capacity to feel deeply for others and to experience love, being in a body that allows you to move through life in a way that brings you joyful experiences.

Your ability to be in a state of gratitude is another aspect of your life for which you may want to be thankful.

You have the ability to consciously choose what you do today and with whom you share your time and self. You have strength, character, inner values that matter to you and determine how you show up in your life and business.

Inside of you is an infinite potential to do good, to make a positive impact on others lives, to uplift humanity, to achieve in ways that bring fulfillment to you and value to others.

Celebrate your life today by acknowledging what is truly most important about your life – you and your conscious journey here in Earth.

Acknowledge that YOU are an exceptional human being on an exceptional human journey. For this, also be grateful.

Thanks for reading. Thanks also for taking time today to acknowledge your human journey.

Make a Big Difference!