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Join us as Joel Holland shares his insights and knowledge on how to grow your business coaching and consulting practice. This is the show for business coaches and consultants who want to make a positive impact on their clients, put more money in the bank and reach their First Million. 

Revealed how you can create wealth and make a difference by uplifting and transforming others. On each episode, you get coaching from JV Crum III, MBA, JD, MS Psy and his guests to grow your business coaching and consulting practice!

Each show provides you with golden nuggets on how you can reach your goals faster, attract the right clients, and increase your profits.. Topics include: marketing, selling, how to attract clients, closing clients, build strategic partners, scaling your business, mindset, conscious business and personal development. 

Today’s guest, Joel Holland, is the founder and CEO of Video Blocks, a company that distributes over 1,000,000 clips of royalty free stock video and audio each month to over 100,000 customers in the television and video production industry, from professional outlets like NBC, to hobbyists and enthusiasts.

He has been named one of the “Top 25 Entrepreneurs Under 25” by BusinessWeek Magazine, “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” by the United States Small Business Administration, Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst and Young for the Greater Washington DC Region, and made Inc. Magazines prestigious 30 Under 30 list in 2013.

Expert Areas

Video & New Media

A Key Belief that Made You More Successful

You shouldn’t overthink things; sometimes the simplest solution is the best.

Guest’s 3 Golden Nuggets

  1. Age doesn’t matter
  2. Don’t put it off
  3. Build a lean product

48 Hours Challenge

  1. Figure out who the person is you’re trying to sell to
  2. Build a personal relationship
  3. Sell your product

Recommended Book

Influence by Robert B. Cialdini – Get the Book

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Problem You’re Looking to Solve

Getting the word out

Our Guest’s Ideal Legacy

Joel wants to leave the world having enjoyed it himself and helped other enjoy their lives as well.

A “Cause” to Support

Ronald McDonald House –

Connect with Joel

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