Expertise: Connecting with People


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What does it mean to be a Conscious Entrepreneur? Join us as Larry shares his journey as a successful entrepreneur and provides an inside view on how you can make money by making a difference and become a Conscious Millionaire.

Discover how to become a Successful Entrepreneur. Larry is the CEO of the Speakers and Authors Networking Group, SANG, a group of some of the most successful speakers and authors in the world.  SANG Members and Participants include: Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Peter Guber, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanse, Harvey Mackay, Keith Ferrazzi, Tony Hsieh of Zappos, and Paula Abdul. His goal is to raise a billion dollars over his lifetime through his connections, business ventures, and social influence.  Larry is a strong advocate for many charity organizations.  He believes that we CAN and WILL change the world, and solve the problems that plague so many of people here in our own country.

What is a marketing strategy that has generated profit for your business?

Larry’s sales strategy is using application, or asking questions about what was important to someone. He feels connecting with people will add value, so find out what is important in question form.  For profits, Larry finds his perfect customer and focuses time and energy in cultivating and nurturing relationships with those people or corporations; narrow the focus around perfect client or the profile of a client.

Is there a success book you recommend?

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins – Get the Book

Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi Get the Book

Power of Who by Bob Beaudine Get the Book


Not ego driven; being great at what you do, but keep the ego in check. Helping all stakeholders with health, ego, and being humble and thankful for what you have.

What is the legacy that you hope to leave?

Larry wants to have people be better off for knowing him; for people to have taken his ideas of giving and serving value, creating more connection currency,  and are generous towards their communities, clients, partners, etc.


Coach Notes by J V Crum III

3 Golden Nuggets:

1. When you have connection currency, you can make things happen quicker and better.
2. Be a giver, not a taker.
3.  Whether you have B2B or B2C connections, make sure that you have human-to-human connections.


Conscious Millionaire Action Step:

Larry’s 21-day connection challenge: For the next 21 days reach out to 3 people in your network and ask what they are most excited about, then ask what is the most important project they are working on over the next 90 days in case you, or someone in your network, can help them.

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Larry’s FREE GIFT to you: Free e-book: Connection Currency: How to get what you want faster than you have ever thought possible

Larry’s Book: Connection Currency: How to get what you want faster than you have ever thought possible


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