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Join us as Mike Borozdin shares his insights and knowledge on how to build a high-growth business and coaching practice. This is the show for heart-centered business owners, entrepreneurs, and coaches who want to make your First Million! Get the insider’s track on how you can make a Big Impact and Big Profits.

Revealed how you can create wealth by uplifting and transforming others. On each episode, you get coaching from JV Crum III, MBA, JD, MS Psy and his guests. Each show provides you with golden nuggets on how you can reach your goals faster. Topics include: mindset, personal development, strategic thinking, marketing and sales systems, conscious business and goal achievement.

Today’s guest, Mike, is a VP of Software at Tempo Automation. Previously he worked at big companies like Microsoft and startups like DocuSign where he joined a team of 25 people and left when the company had 2000 employees. He has been studying Zen for the past 6 years at SF Zen Center.

Expert Areas

Team and Business Growth

The Big Success

One of Mike’s biggest successes was when he joined Docusign that grew very big.

Guest’s 3 Golden Nuggets

Work on an idea that is bigger than you

Create or join a team you want to spend a lot of time with

Take care of others and don’t forget yourself

How to Get More Leads

Work an idea bigger than yourself leading to trade shows, meetings, forums

Recommended Book

Win Forever by Peter N. Carroll – Get the Book

Deep Work by Cal Newport – Get the Book

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Recommended App

Evernote / Docusign

A “Cause” to Support

Red Cross –

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