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What does it mean to be a Conscious Entrepreneur? Join us as Mike shares his journey as a successful entrepreneur and provides an inside view on how you can make money by make a difference and become a Conscious Millionaire.

Discover how to become a Successful Entrepreneur. Mike is The LinkedIn Rockstar™, a Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer, and a highly acclaimed LinkedIn and Social Selling authority. He uses Classic Rock to harness relationship building on the power and business potential of social selling. He is a leader in the LinkedIn training world with 500 sessions and 20k attendees. He inspires audiences with vision, energy and style. The common thread in his entrepreneur journey is “go with what you know.”


What is a marketing strategy that has generated profit for your business?

Mike believes the best way to connect with people is to do so socially at places or events where you can better find your specific target market. He believes in using commonalty, whether it is business related or personal related, as he feels we can connect on deeper levels that way and connecting on that deeper can increase success and relationships.

What is the legacy that you hope to leave?

His legacy, or passion, is to create retirement homes/ senior day centers for like-minded people… to keep their intellectual enthusiasm alive in their remaining days, to maintain that connection. This is for parents, ex-business people, ex-executives, etc. who, for instance still read the Wall Street Journal, keep up with Medical publications, etc. It’s to not let that yearning or passion burn out when it is still so very much alive.


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