From the classroom to the boardroom, in the business world we are constantly conditioned to buy into scarcity, to believe that there isn’t enough. A scarcity mindset is your enemy. When you think there isn’t “enough”—enough time, enough talent, enough money, enough resources—you believe that you need to compete against and destroy your competition in order to achieve financial success.

In order to maximize the full potential of your business you need to kick these scarcity thoughts to the curb. Scarcity thoughts actually prevent you from maximizing the full potential of your business. They act as blinders, blinding you from the abundance of possibilities that surround you. Adopting an abundance mindset is the key to financial success. It opens your eyes to all the possibilities and opportunities that are around you. So, how can you develop an abundance mindset?

  1. Develop healthy money beliefs. In order to develop an abundance mindset, you need to believe that you are worthy of abundance. You need to believe that you deserve to live in true abundance. Most money beliefs are subconscious. In order to examine existing money beliefs that you may have inherited from your parents, your childhood, advertisements, etc, you need to do some careful self-reflection. The most important thing is to believe that you are entitled to money for the value you are adding to the world. You need to realize that it isn’t “wrong” or “evil” to prosper financially in exchange for helping people; it is your right.
  1. 2.    Eliminate limiting beliefs. In order to get rid of a scarcity mindset and create an abundance mentality you need to get rid of limiting beliefs. Write down every eliminating belief that passes through your mind. Write down what you are gaining from this believe and then write down what this belief is costing you. This will help you to understand how this belief is limiting your success. Lastly, think of counter-examples that disprove this belief. Use people you know personally or public figures whose lives or businesses prove that this belief is false.
  1. 3.    Create empowering beliefs. Once you have gotten rid of limiting beliefs you need to create empowering beliefs in order to develop an abundance mentality. For every limiting belief write down a new, opposite empowering belief. Write down everything you will gain from this new, empowering belief and prove it to be true. Write down every example you can think of to prove this belief, including examples from your own life or the lives of public figures and personal acquaintances.
  1. 4.    Take action. Once you have a set of empowering beliefs in place you need to use them. Take daily action guided by these empowering beliefs. Changing thought patterns is just the beginning. You can’t develop an abundance mentality without action.