When entrepreneurs have a scarcity mindset they often take dramatic actions in order to destroy competitors, attract more customers, and make more money. Because they think that there isn’t “enough,” they feel that they must destroy other businesses in order to achieve financial success.

An entrepreneur in this kind of state of mind may often go against his or her own values, resorting to lying or cheating in order to get to the top. This kind of behavior often times comes from good people; they don’t have bad intentions, they simply feel that they must act in a certain way in order to make more money and achieve financial success and stability. They fear failure. This can often times cause an entrepreneur great anguish and emotional pain.

Scarcity mindset also creates a sense of “separateness.” Entrepreneurs living in a belief or mindset of scarcity, don’t see themselves as being a part of a larger, unified whole – a world that is a team.

They see themselves as a separate entity, a person who must ruthlessly fight for a piece of the wealth pie. In order for them to win, someone else must loose. This also fuels destructive, competitive behavior and an endless win-lose view of business and life.

There is, however, another way. The consequences of actions driven by a scarcity mindset are not only morally dubious, they can actually cut you off from the very success you are trying to achieve.

If you want to make more money you shouldn’t waste valuable time and energy worrying about destroying your competition. You should be focusing on how to collaborate with your competition.

Collaboration, strategic partnerships, and synergy are the keys to attracting more customers, making more money, and achieving financial success.

When you are concentrated on destroying other businesses you cut yourself off from the possibility of collaboration. The benefits of strategic collaboration with competitors are truly endless; mainly, this collaboration can help you to attract more customers and make a lot more money. Strategic collaboration can boost your profits, foster growth and attract better talent. This will inevitably lead to a life that is richer financially as well as personally.

Strategic business relationships are the key to success and they help you to make a positive impact on the world, helping you to leave a positive legacy. After all, it is far more powerful to create something with other people than to destroy something alone. Cooperation and collaboration are the way to ensure that you maximize your full potential in this world, both as an entrepreneur and a person.