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Today’s guest… Natalie Benamou is the CEO of HerPower2 Lead. She is the founder of HerCsuite™ membership platform, a game changer for the way women accelerate results to get business done. She is a business innovator generating over $110 million in sales revenue. She is a sought-out leader, negotiator, business rainmaker and speaker on women’s leadership. She is the host of HerCsuite™ Radio, a podcast for women leaders on the move.

Expert Areas

Making a career pivot into a new start-up company

24 Hour Listener Challenge:

Call 3 people and ask: what does success look like to you and who should I talk to?

Mindset for Best Business Opportunities

Persistence pays off

Strategy to Become More Profitable

Look beyond one person; look for the opportunities and go wide

Life’s Purpose and Influence on Business

Lift women up

Recommended Book

Undaunted by Kara Goldin – Get the Book

Get “Conscious Millionaire” Book

Next Summit

Host a women’s summit and help them understand the alliance

Our Guest’s Ideal Legacy

Natalie wants to transform the way women are able to advance and close that gap.

Connect with Natalie

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