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What does it mean to be a Conscious Entrepreneur? Join us as Olga shares her journey as a successful entrepreneur and provides an inside view on how you can make money by making a difference and become a Conscious Millionaire.

Discover how to become a Successful Entrepreneur. Olga evolved into the marketing message expert she’s become as a result of acting as a change agent in the corporate world (at PIMCO and Dole), in academia (at UC Irvine, Extension), and through her own ecommerce and marketing firm (ohso! design).  Today, she delivers practical advice to small business owners through her recently published book “Sell Local, Think Global,” popular blog, Long Beach Post column, and nationwide speaking engagements on Small Business Marketing.

What is a marketing strategy that has generated profit for your business?

Olga’s sales strategy is paying attention to online reviews. For profits, Olga looks at the process that is contributing to the bottom line.

Is there a success book you recommend?

Hatching Your Million Dollar Business by Daniel Tepke – Get the Book

The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney – Get the Book


Being able to align your core; being able to start with values rather than goals.

What is the legacy that you hope to leave?

Olga wants to make people’s lives better and to make them understand they have something unique and can share it with the world and make money with it too.

Would you like to promote a cause that you support?

Stand up for the Cure –

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