Hello, this is JV Crum III, host of the Conscious Millionaire Network of Podcasts and Syndicated Radio Show. I host six podcasts with a combined total of over 1,800 episodes.

Our original podcast, “Conscious Millionaire Podcast,” is in its fifth season and was named by Inc Magazine as one of the Top 13 Business Podcasts.

I have a deep love for podcasts, both the art and the science of crafting a great show and then marketing it to build a big listenership.

If you are a successful entrepreneur, such as business owner, coach, consultant, author, speaker or other service business  who wants to be viewed as the #1 Expert in your industry, and if you want to attract more of your ideal clients, affiliate, or join venture partners, then I wrote this for you!

Let me ask you a question? When you think of your business, your goals, your future, a Rolls Royce ™ represents how you want to be viewed by your audience and clients, keep reading…

THE OFFER: I help business owners, coaches, and entrepreneurs both re-design their businesses to have a clear strategic audience and problem that they solve, then develop a “growth-engine podcast” designed to grow their business and get the owner known as a thought leader.

This includes custom designing your show, providing you the check-list of each and every system (that I spent over four years creating) that you need to run your podcast like a well-oiled growth-engine. I’ll also help you define your specific money-goals then design your podcast so it helps you achieve them.

What does this mean? I’ll work with you to develop your podcast “radio clock”. This is your customized detailed plan and script for your show. Now if you admire great radio shows or even TV shows, there is a reason. This is exactly how they are created. It is also how each and every Conscious Millionaire Podcast is developed.

Then you’ll record the first few shows, and I’ll personally (not a student or team member) provide you with a coaching session so you can develop the great hosting skills that will quickly set you apart as a high performer.