Most people spend their entire lives in the small-ripple pond, always yearning for more.

They yearn to make more of a difference, make more money, and to experience more of the joy and fulfillment that is, quite truthfully, reserved for those who step up to make a Big Wave or even a Tidal Wave with their lives.

VIP Private Coaching is specifically designed for established business coaches and consultants who have decided that a small-ripple life will no longer work for them. They are looking for a systematic way to play bigger.

Who are Our Clients? Established Six and Seven-Figure Business Coaches who want to make a Big Impact and turn it into Big Profits and a life of Big Fulfillment.

They may “self-identify” as purpose-driven, change-makers, heart-centered, social entrepreneurs, visionary, or conscious thought leaders.

People attracted to work one-on-one with JV privately, want to do something bigger – even if they have not yet fully identified every aspect of what that is, or how big they truly want to play on this planet.

That’s OK, because JV is a true master at helping clients discover, craft, and expand their “Big Impact Vision”.

VIP Private Coaching is for next-generation thinkers, business coaches and consultants who seek to create a transformational shift – for themselves, their clients and our world.

Making a difference for a relatively few people, putting far less money in the bank then they want, and enjoying less of the joy, fulfillment, and high-quality life they yearn for  – is no longer acceptable to them.

They want to breakthrough to an entirely new level.

To breakthrough to that new level, requires a two-fold transformation. Both you and your business must experience an upward shift, not only in your consciousness but also in how you systematize and utilize leverage points and opportunities.

In VIP Coaching, JV helps clients:

  • Shift their Mindset about what is possible!
  • Discover their High-Profit Leverage Points!
  • Execute to Drive Bigger Impact, Profit and Wealth!

JV is a highly intuitive, systems thinker, trained in psychology, law, business and NLP. He is skilled in helping you organize your business in new, more profitable ways.

If you have reached a 100k or more in revenues and want to make your First Million, or are now at million dollar plus and seek to double, triple, or even 10X or more your impact and profits, then VIP Coaching may be right for you.

Reserve a 20 minute time to speak with JV confidentially about what you want.