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The Resilient Entrepreneur




According to Wikipedia, ‘psychological resilience’ is an individual’s ability to properly adapt to stress and adversity.

What makes entrepreneurs resilient? Well, there are three key factors that have helped in my life:


  1. Be organized, and clear up the clutter:
    Staying organized helps me act in a more timely and decisive manner, which is why I keep a stack of manila folders on my desk.  My motto is “Every paper has a home”. If I file it I can find it, easily and quickly.
  1. Remain focused and on task, and don’t let “no’s” get in your way:
    If I stay focused, and use the first few hours of the day to do my less favorite tasks, I simply get more done. I also try to start the day with a to-do list; this helps me stay on track. Emails can be distracting, so I let them accumulate and handle them in batches rather than one-by-one, which saves me a lot of time. And staying on-task allows me to set up blocks of time for each task.
  1. Stay connected to your purpose:
    Staying connected to your purpose will always get you through those ‘tough’ days; we all have them. I like to read emails about how my book has helped someone get organized, or a family create an executor guide.

Do your best not to force things; force only makes things more difficult. As someone wise once said, “If you chase something, it runs away.” If you stay calm, flexible and grateful, you’re on the path to becoming a resilient entrepreneur.

Resilience also comes from not getting frustrated with yourself, and saying “no” now and then. I love it when people say no, as it helps me think of creative ways to get them to say yes. You can deal with the “no’s” of life better if you stay calm. We’ve all heard that when one door closes another opens, well that’s true even if we’re really disappointed about the one that closed.

Finally, resilient entrepreneurs do their best to never give up, even if some days that’s all they want to do. Just stay organized, focused and connected to your purpose. Remembering your own ‘why’, will help you stay the course.



Bio: Sandra Tisiot is the founder/creator of MyLifeLocker an organizational system that places all your critical information in one spot. I believe Oprah called it your DropDeadBinder.  She’s been a mortgage broker for the last 17 years and runs a yearly Women In Business Conference.  You can also find her teaching Barre at InsideOutStudioBarre.