This Agreement is between Purchaser / Member of Conscious School of Abundance, hereinafter “Client”, and Conscious Millionaire Institute, LLC, “CMI”, Purchase of Conscious Millionaire School of Abundance signifies agreement to these terms and conditions, otherwise known as the Agreement and the terms herein. No term in this Agreement may be changed except by a writing specifically referencing this Agreement and signed by both parties. This Agreement is effective beginning on the date of Purchase and shall survive any termination, or completion of the term of membership in program

This agreement is entered into in the State of Colorado and the laws of Colorado shall apply with the Courts of the State of Colorado having Jurisdiction. The purpose of this agreement is to cover fundamental understandings between the parties and is for the protection and benefit of both parties, Client and CMI.

The Conscious Millionaire School of Abundance Program is described more fully below:

  1. CMI GENERAL COMMITMENTS TO CLIENT: Twelve month group program with two Sixty-Minute Abundance Trainings per month provided by James “JV” Crum III and/or guest presenter or staff member.  
  1. CONSCIOUS MILLIONAIRE SCHOOL OF ABUNDANCE GROUP PROGRAM INCLUDES: Two Sixty-Minute group on-line virtual live sessions each month for Twelve Months from the date Client begins program.
  1. COMPENSATION: If Full Payment, then payment in full shall be made upon the date of initial purchase in the amount of Seven-Hundred, Ninety-Seven Dollars ($797.00) USD. If Three Payment option is chosen, then Client choose to make three (3) equal payments of Two-Hundred and Ninety-Seven Dollars ($297.00) USD, paid as follows: first payment upon date of purchase; second payment approximately thirty (30) days from the date of purchase; third payment approximately sixty (60) days from the date of purchase.
  1. MISSED PAYMENT: If the plan includes payments, if a payment is not received by the date due or there is a problem with the payment transaction or method, Client shall be notified and have a five (5) day grace period to make said payment, or mentoring / mentoring shall be suspended until such time as payment is made. Missing a payment does not affect or in any way eliminate or terminate the obligations of the Client to make all payments on their respective due dates under this Agreement.
  1. RECORDINGS OF TRAINING SESSIONS / ACCESS TO ANY MEMBERSHIP SITE: It is the responsibility of Client to attend live. Access to a non-downloadable recording of each session will be made available to Client. The Client agrees that any access provided by CMI to Client for a membership site shall not be shared with others, nor any of the content therein.
  1. REFUND POLICY: Because of the considerable time, effort, and commitments made by CMI, there are no refunds or money-back of actual payments made.
  1. CONFIDENTIALITY OF OTHERS IN GROUP: Client agrees to hold in confidence any statements made by other participants that is not available in the public domain. This is the sole responsibility of Client and not CMI. Client does hereby hold harmless and release CMI, its officers, stockholders, directors, employees, agents, sales people, third-party sales contractors, third-party financing parties, independent contractors, affiliates, joint-venture parties, referral parties, and specifically James “JV” Crum III, his estate or heirs, from any and all claims for or related to any violation of confidentiality of other member’s or their guests, which may occur within the Conscious Millionaire School of Abundance.
  1. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS: CMI shall retain all ownership rights to the materials provided to or trained to Client, in any form, media or medium, including, but not limited to, copyrighted or trademarked materials, provided to Client during, related to, or after this Agreement and Relationship. No license to sell or distribute same is granted or implied. Client agrees NOT to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade, resell, or exploit for any commercial or personal purposes or gain, any materials or portion thereof, provide to Client related to this Agreement or Relationship.
  1. MEDIA RELEASE: Client agrees and understands that CMI may audio/video record and/or live stream the events or trainings / programs in which Client is enrolled. Client further understands and expressly hereby agrees that Client’s voice and/or image/video may be recorded and embodied as part of a product or promotional piece by CMI and Client hereby grants CMI the full rights to use Client’s voice/image/video in CMI’s promotional materials and/or products, which may be sold and/or distributed and made available for other members of said trainings / programs to view in perpetuity. Client acknowledges and does hereby agree that CMI has complete ownership of the promotional materials and products in which Client’s voice/image/video may appear and that Client has no legal interest or ownership in the promotional materials and/or products or their copyright, and expressly waives any and all compensation related to their use, sale, or distribution. This Voice/Image/Video Release is hereby granted to CMI and is perpetual and worldwide.
  1. MINDSET MENTORING / TRAINING RELATIONSHIP: This is a mindset mentoring relationship ONLY. NOTE: While it is understood that James “JV” Crum III is a licensed attorney and licensed real estate broker, this Agreement, and services provided hereunder, expressly EXCLUDES and does NOT include any professional services such as legal or real estate. Further, it does not include accounting, health, diet, medical, exercise, or therapy advice or services, whatsoever. CLIENT AGREES AND UNDERSTANDS THIS AGREEMENT IS FOR MINDSET MENTORSHIP ONLY. If Client desires any other type of professional services, then Client is hereby advised to seek, and Client agrees to seek, such services from professionals licensed in those specific areas. No mentoring extends beyond Client to others.
  1. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY AND RELEASE. Client expressly agrees that the Conscious Millionaire School of Abundance does not provide any investment, business, or other financial advice or training. Client expressly agrees that any and all trainings, mentoring, or coaching Client expressly agrees that any “Hypnotic Empowerment Audio” or other hypnotic audios provided by CMI, or its affiliates, have no fitness for any purpose and to only listen to these audios while in a safe situation and to NOT listen to same while engaging in any activity which requires client’s full attention in order to be safe, including, but not limited to, driving a vehicle. CMI makes NO additional promises or guarantees related to Client’s investment, business, financial, or wealth performance, whatsoever, including profits or losses, nor does CMI guarantee any positive results, whatsoever, from purchasing or being a member of Conscious Millionaire School of Abundance or any of CMI’s other programs or trainings, whatsoever.Further, Client expressly agrees to assume full responsibility and liability for any decisions and actions Client may choose to make, or not make, and for the results Client may achieve, or may not achieve, relative to their investments, business, financial or life matters, including but not limited to investments, business growth, profits or losses, financial and wealth growth, relationships, health, diet, medical, and exercise, during or after the term of this Agreement, or any extension thereof.NOTE: Any and all “transformational, mindset or inner/energy-work, including any empowerment hypnotic audios” which may be included in Client’s program, shall be considered human potential and personal development work ONLY, and shall NOT be considered therapy for any reason whatsoever. Client does hereby expressly assume any and all responsibility for any changes they may experience and the effect of said changes on their personal life, relationships, business, wealth and investments. Furthermore, any purchase of products or services from CMI’s Affiliates, Joint Venture Parties, or Referrals, regarding money, wealth, financial success, business, life mentoring, health, diet and/or exercise routines, or any other topics,  are NOT advice related to said areas. If Client desires professional services, including attorney and accounting, or instruction, Client is hereby directed to seek, and agrees to seek, the advice of trained, licensed practitioners in these areas. HOLD HARMLESS: Client hereby releases and holds harmless CMI, its officers, stockholders, directors, employees, agents, sales people, third-party sales contractors, third-party financing parties, independent contractors, affiliates, joint-venture parties, referral parties, and specifically James “JV” Crum III, his estate or heirs, from any and all claims for direct, indirect, or consequential liability, express or implied, or liability for punitive damages, for any matter which may occur at any time during the course of or after the termination of this Agreement, as well as any extension thereof, whatsoever. In addition, Client hereby agrees to Hold Harmless CMI for the actions of any of the above named parties.
  1. SEVERABILITY, EFFECT OF PARTIAL INVALIDITY: The invalidity of any part or portion of this Agreement shall NOT be deemed to affect, or invalidate, the validity of any other part or provision of this Agreement.
  1. WAIVER: Any waiver by CMI of the failure of Client to uphold any provision of this Agreement shall NOT be deemed to be a future waiver of that or any other obligation of Client related to this Agreement.
  1. DISPUTE RESOLUTION AND REMEDIES: Client hereby understands and agrees that the maximum remedy available to Client, in law or equity, shall be the full refund of payments made to date, and expressly waives all other remedies, including, but not limited to, an award of consequential or any other type of damages that may otherwise be granted. By signing this Agreement, the Client hereby agrees to a modification of the statute of limitations such that any arbitration or legal action must be commenced within one (1) year of the date of the act, omission, or other conduct complained of by Client.
  1. FULL AGREEMENT: This constitutes the full and complete understanding between the parties. This agreement can only be modified by a writing that refers to this agreement and is signed by both parties.