Steve Little has built and sold dozens of highly successful companies from idea to 9-figure exit. Companies which generated hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, employed hundreds of people and produced impressive returns for investors. Steve now works with founders to accelerate true “value multipliers” and assure them lucrative acquisition. “If business was a chess game, with one look Steve would know within seconds every possible move and exactly which ones will win big.”

Coaches, learn about different value multipliers in business! Are you a business coach or consultant? Do you want the specific steps for how to achieve your first million while creating a bigger impact? Then this article is for you. Discover how to breakthrough by finding at least $50,000 in hidden revenues and creating a bigger vision of what’s possible

Grow Your Business Faster…

A key belief that Steve feels made him more successful is: We live in a belief created universe; you know that I know that I can’t do this without you (universe, god, etc). As a legacy, Steve wants his tombstone to read “He brought joy into my life”. Click here to listen to more of JV Crum III interviewing Steve on the Conscious Millionaire Show.

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