Millionaire Teen Club – Coming Fall, 2015


Conscious Millionaire Institute LLC is proud to announce a new program designed to help teenagers start and grow their own businesses. This empowers teens with a life-skills as an entrepreneur. It also provides them a way to create the funds that can help pay for college or get them on a financial start in their life.

The Millionaire Teen ClubTM will launch in Fall of 2015 and will include free trainings over the summer so that teens learn the specific skills necessary for starting, building, and growing their own business.

This program is founded on our new “Teen Millionaire ManifestoTM”, which our company will provide free of charge to millions of teenagers, both in North America and around the globe. The manifesto is designed to awaken the real potential in each teen who reads it and inspire them to achieve lasting greatness with their life.

If you would like to partner with us to help deliver the Teen Millionaire Manifesto to your teen community, click here to contact us now.


First Millionaire ManifestoTM and Millionaire Teen ClubTM are trademarks of Conscious Millionaire Institute LLC.