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Think of being part of the Conscious Millionaire Podcasts as like PR on steroids! For an entire month, you get the advantage of being associated with the Conscious Millionaire Brand and having JV Crum III’s endorsement of you as an expert – every day on each of our podcasts.

This exclusive opportunity is available for just one guest each month. Imagine being heard on every M- F show for a month as the expect who provides a useful tip to our guests. Your tips will appear for an entire month, every Monday through Friday. By providing the tip, you showcase your expertise to our listeners and become a trusted and recommended expert.

And, in addition to be on the show, you receive the audio file of all of your tips so you can re-purpose them, such as putting on various social media as posts, creating your nurture sequence, using them as part of blog posts on your site and as a guest blogger, creating a new lead magnet or even utilizing them in a new free or low cost product!


                                  Your Three-Fold Benefits:

  • PR Branding to JV Crum III & Conscious Millionaire!
  • Reach Our Audience with Your Message and Your Offer!
  • Re-Purpose Your Tip-of-Days to Leverage Your Marketing!


One Month Investment $3,000 to $4,000

Your Custom Tip of Day Program can include:

  • JV and you will pre-record the 21 tips-of-the-day
  • Connect yourself and brand to Conscious Millionaire
  • Each of your tips for listeners is 60 to 90 seconds long
  • These become a primary podcast feature for a month
  • All episodes have 100,000 downloads and streams
  • After each tip, you provide a link to your site or page
  • Promote a book, product, service or your event, or…
  • Utilize to help launch/build your Podcast listenership
  • Custom recording session with host, JV Crum III
  • Tip and link added to each of episode show notes
  • One to two emails sent to our community list for you
  • And, you receive all the edited audio tips to re-purpose
  • Example: re-purpose by creating a nurture sequence
  • Example: re-purpose as a free or low-cost product
  • Example: re-purpose as social media audio-posts
  • Example: re-purpose in your or in guest blog posts
  • Example: re-purpose as a lead magnet for prospects

LISTENERSHIP: Average 100,000 downloads / streams per show plus terrestrial radio listeners (no charge – up to 400,000 radio listeners per show). Actual data for a given show may vary. No refunds or guarantee on response rates to offers or ads.

SERVICES: Are limited to recording of tips with host, JV Crum, III; audio production and insertion of tip into a given podcast; distribution of podcasts; and including a two sentence summary with call to action/link (summary and link provided by guest) on the Conscious Millionaire Website Show Notes for the specific episode on which any given tip appears. Not included: writing of tips, copy for guest’s landing page for lead magnets, lead magnet, funnel development, sales materials or advice on same.