Today’s guest… Ursula Eysin is a technology consultant, future scenario developer, and communication professional of over 20 years. She loves technology and wants to see it used for the benefit of humanity, not against it. Technology is a very useful tool. Ursula is on the planet to see it used for good to create a better future.

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Join host, JV Crum III, as he interviews Silicone Valley Tech Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, and Top Tech Authors and Experts on how to use technology to scale your conscious business.

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JV Crum III, MBA, JD, MS Psy is a serial entrepreneur, 34x award-winning international best-selling author, speaker, futurist and Founder / CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute LLC. The Limitless Mindset and Strategy Coach, on each episode JV coaches you using the success steps he has developed helping entrepreneurs around the world to make bigger profits and a bigger impact!

Guest’s Expert Areas

Scenario planning, Technology, Future of technology

24 Hour Listener Challenge:

Try not to use your cell phone for 24 hours.

Mindset for Best Business Opportunities

Laser sharp focus, always give your all, and listen like your life depends on it.

What Impact Would you Make on Humanity as a Billionaire

Develop technologies for the livelihood of human beings.

Tech Strategy to Scale Rapidly

Be human

How Will Tech Uplift Humanity 20 Years from Now

Produce unlimited energy and sustainable waste.

Areas of Tech Investments

Technologies that enhance the well-being of humans and immersive spaces.

Recommended Book

Trust Me, I’m Lying by Ryan Holiday – Get the Book

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Our Guest’s Ideal Legacy

Ursula wants to have an impact on human centered technology that helps us overcome limits of growth and helps us to become better human beings.

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