Welcome to VIP Platinum Coaching. Thanks for your interest in these one-on-one private coaching programs with JV Crum III, Founder/CEO of Conscious Millionaire Institute, LLC.

VIP Platinum Coaching is designed for established business coaches and consultants who have $100,000 or more in revenue over the past 12 months.




All Platinum one-on-one coaching programs include:

  • Empowerment audio (for best results, listen to it one to three times / day for the first 90 days)
  • Laser Emails to JV, one per calendar month



In addition to the above, TWO 55 minute private coaching sessions with JV Crum III, monthly


In addition to the above, THREE 55 minute private coaching sessions with JV Crum III, monthly


Note: JV coaches on Monday and Tuesdays, three weeks out of each month. The exact weeks vary monthly based upon his speaking, conference, and personal schedule; however, he generally has clarity for the next two months. You and JV will find a day (Monday or Tuesday) and specific time that will become your regular coaching time.



Investment: you can pay for any six month increment in advance, in which case you get a discount equal to one month, or you can pay for the first three months upfront then pay monthly starting in the fourth month. If you wish to continue past the first six months, you can either pay in one payment (saving one month), or as an established client, pay on a monthly basis.



FULL PAY:  $12,500

INSTALLMENTS: $7,500 upfront for the first three months / $2,500 monthly beginning the fourth month.



FULL PAY: $16,500

INSTALLMENTS: $9,500 upfront for the first three months / $3,500 monthly beginning the fourth month.



JV takes a transformational approach to business coaching. What does this mean? Simply put, it means that both you and your business need to constantly transform to the next higher level if you want your business to constantly make a bigger impact and achieve bigger profits.


His coaching style is also holistic. JV combines his experience as a serial entrepreneur who has built and sold companies, knowledge gained from obtaining graduate degrees business, law and psychology, trainings that led to certifications in NLP (Neuro-Linquistic-Programming), Ericksonian Hypnosis and coaching. JV guides clients to build robust coaching and consulting businesses that simultaneously focus on making a big impact and achieving big profits.


JV lives the same conscious path that he teaches within his VIP private coaching, masterminds and group trainings. He believes that we are on this planet at this precise moment because we each have an important role to play in the evolution of humanity. We are here to make an impact that uplifts and transforms our clients, our communities, and the global world of which we are all a part.



Below are the five areas with a brief description about each. JV approaches everything in his coaching from a systems mindset. Think of areas one and two as your internal systems. Areas three through five are your business external systems.


1. BIG IMPACT VISION: includes your vision, which we update annually, what your business looks like to you 1, 3, 5, and 10 years out, and your three top measurable results for 12 months, which are financial, impact (and your one to three offerings), and your mission-critical result (this changes annually and is the one priority focus that will best move your business forward, such as attract/convert, building your team, transitioning your business form in-person to an on-line coaching/consulting business).


2. MINDSET: which includes your customize empowerment audio that is designed to align your internal mind/beliefs/consciousness empowerment system with the top outcomes you want to achieve over the next 90 days. If you want your empowerment audio updated after 90 days, that is always available to you at no additional charge.


3. MARKETING SUCCESS PLAN: selecting the precise one to three channels that will bring you the best ROI for your time, resources, and investment in marketing and selling. Typically, I will help you choose one major channel for a 90 day period so that you can focus on mastering it so that it produces the most effective, efficient results. Your marketing plan can include creating and marketing of your major platform, such as a book or podcast.


4. EXECUTION AND ACCOUNTABILITY: I teach you a specific execution system that can double to triply your productivity and then hold you accountable each coaching session for fully accomplishing the commitments you made in the prior session.


5. SCALABILITY AND SYSTEMS: In order to scale from six to seven figures and then begin doubling and tripling your seven-figure coaching or consulting business, your entire business needs to by systematized. I work with you to select the areas to focus on, in which order, then we map these together and test to assure that all steps are in place and can easily be duplicated, for example should you decide to license your coaching system to other coaches or for on-boarding new team members and teaching them your processes.