You want to make a visionary impact, create a high-growth culture, and achieve bigger profits. However your CEO, Founder or Executive Team isn’t functioning at its peak. There may not be a clear vision and mission or perhaps you are not yet coordinating activities between the top players on your team.

You may feel stuck or like you’ve plateaued and you want to get your team and business moving forward to achieve your most important goals. This may include developing and coordinating your systems and achieving a well-defined strategic focus.

All of the areas covered in VIP Individual Coaching can be included in the VIP Team Coaching.

Team coaching is valuable when you want to have both individual and team coaching sessions. You have two or more owners or major players on your executive team.

Let’s get the conversation started by you applying for team coaching. All application go directly to JV Crum III. He personally reviews them and replies with either an offer to have a complimentary coaching session or with a suggestion of another option he believes would be best for you.

JV works with a select number of VIP Clients at any time. His goal is to help those who will make the biggest difference and are committed to growing their business rapidly.

VIP Team Coaching is by Application: Click here to Apply Now.

Monthly Investment: Starting at $5,000 / month

Discounts for three, six, or twelve months paid in advance.

Can be combined with VIP One Days.