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If you are an entrepreneur, chances are that you may have already heard about the significance of listening to your intuition to make a decision, find clarity in the midst of chaos and determine the most aligned path to your goals. If you are not yet using your intuitive skills to make business decisions, then, you have not accessed your true success-potential and now is the best time to learn about how to strengthen your decision process by infusing your human potential into it.

173Aline-TBWOf course, this isn’t something you will learn at school.  Indeed, this is why the use of intuitive skills is so little practiced.  The lack of tangible, defined and reproducible patterns has prevented mainstream institutions from accepting intuition as a real tool for productivity and ultimate business growth.

Yet more and more very remarkable and visionary people, like Steve Jobs or Nikola Tesla, have come forth with strong statements about the power of intuition and how it has been the true secret to their brilliance.

The success of the use of intuition isn’t magic or luck. It is the consequence of a highly sophisticated, individual, and invaluable training, leading to self-mastery.

The most practical and direct consequences of integrating an intuitive strategy into your entrepreneurial business plan are (amongst many more):

  • Increases self-confidence and productivity due to increase awareness
  • A noticeable sense of meaningfulness due to accrue flow of direct information
  • A practical stress management solution at-reach due to optimized mind/body connection
  • Excellence in time investment due to refined data management
  • A renewed sense of knowingness due to increased focus and clarity

Allan Rufus, in “The Master of Sacred Knowledge” writes: “Life is like a game of chess. To win you have to make the move. Knowing which move to make comes with IN-SIGHT and knowledge, and by learning the lessons that are accumulated along the way.

Although knowledge matters, intuition is essential to success. Whoever wishes to truly succeed must be willing to reconnect his/her conscious mind to the most subconscious part of his/her being. When the conscious mind willingly follows the intuitive voice that perceives more, knows more and masters more, the experience turns into an successful ad-venture.

Adventure… Isn’t it the bottom line of life and the very reason why you and I have chosen this incredible lifestyle called “Entrepreneurship”?

How did I know that I wanted to live my life like an adventure?  Well.. My intuition told me to look deeper in the name which I did… what I found was most surprising and most extraordinary.

The word “ Adventure” comes from the Latin word “Adventurus, future participle of Advenire” that means “Arrive,” which is my maiden name in French….

Life doesn’t always have to make sense and yet, when we are willing to explore more deeply who we are, what we discover is a web of intricate information that when connected,  offers you a clear purpose and a path.  These two together, I call it a DESTINY.

Whats your destiny?



Bio: Aline Hanle is an unconventional game-changer in the field of transformational coaching and personal development.  Her compassion, enthusiasm and laser-focused intuition have allowed her to work with high-level individuals and teams to intuitively pinpoint and dissolve “the things that get in the way.”  She provides profound personal insights and creative integration tools and strategies for living your truest, greatest self.  Through her genius you will learn the art of soulful presence.