We view our lives through a set of filters known as beliefs. Our beliefs about our life and the world around us influence what we perceive to be important. Our beliefs also influence what we naturally direct our attention to, and what we think is possible, and what we think is impossible.

Beliefs are built into nearly every aspect of our functioning, down to our neurological functions. Your mind is comprised of many neural networks. Each belief that you form creates a specific neural network. Think of this as a pattern. Your mind works by looking for matches.

When you have an established neural pattern for something, your mind will search for a match in your environment. When the brain finds a match, you automatically assume that it is real and true.

Money beliefs are a specific type of beliefs. They influence the way we view money and our ability, as well as worthiness and whether we deserve to make money. Money beliefs work on the same principle as all beliefs, that is, the pattern-match principal.

If you have positive beliefs about what is possible for you, they can empower you.

Positive money beliefs can put you on the path to a life of abundance and financial success, helping you to make more money. By contrast, negative money beliefs hold you back from achieving your true potential – and making the money you deeply desire and need to enjoy your life fully and have money to give to causes you care about.

If you genuinely believe that you can make more money, for example if you believe that you can make $100,000 a month, you will seize every opportunity that you belief can get you there. Because you perceive the possibility to be real you feel comfortable and confident taking action.

However, most people to do not automatically have money beliefs that put them on a path to a life of abundance and financial success. Most people have at least one limiting money belief, a belief that skews their perception of money and hurts their efforts to achieve success. These kinds of beliefs limit their efforts to make more money. They fall into the category of deserve and worthy.

Take a look at the words “deserve” and “worthy.” One of the words likely has a stronger emotional impact on you. Which one is it?

Once you have decided write down a list of all of the things that you believe that you are worthy of/deserve. Take a bit of time to celebrate all of these things.

Determine which of these resonates with you the most. Which is the strongest? Which has the biggest emotional impact? Which affects you most? Now, you need to critically examine your “not worthy of/deserve” belief as it is likely the root of many of your problems.

Take a few moments for some self-reflection and critical thinking. Choose one of the words, worthy or deserve, and complete this sentence by writing as many thoughts (which are beliefs) as come up for you.

“I am not worthy / do not deserve _________________________”

Create your list of what you do not feel worthy or deserving of having in your life. Begin by asking if you truly feel worthy of having one million dollars. If you do, then keep increasing the amount until you find your current “money ceiling”. In the next blog, you will learn how to change a negative money belief into a positive money belief!

Here’s to you becoming a Conscious Millionaire!