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Hello, this is J V Crum III, and I would like to personally welcome you to Conscious Millionaire. This information provides you with an overview of how we can help you achieve your financial dreams by making a positive contribution to others and our world.

Our purpose is to help conscious entrepreneurs, including conscious business owners, coaches, experts,  professionals, healers, internet-marketers, and change-agents who are motivated to uplift and empower others – and make this a better world.

We utilize a life-changing approach to help you define the heart-centered difference you want to make, then develop a plan for turning your gifts and talents into the high profits you desire.




Conscious Millionaire programs are designed to help conscious entrepreneurs grow their six and seven figure businesses into multiple seven figure revenues.

FOR CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEURS SEEKING FAST GROWTH, we offer both the Conscious Millionaire Academy Group Coaching  and digital training products, such as Breakthrough Your Money Ceiling and the Business Accelerator System for how to rapidly grow and massively expand your six-figure business, as affordable ways to receive the training you need to move to your next level.

FOR CONSCIOUS ENTREPRENEURS WITH STRONG SIX AND SEVEN-FIGURE REVENUES, we provide our platinum level programs. These include our Private Coaching, Platinum Masterminds, and other Platinum Trainings to help you accelerate and expand your revenues, profits, and the positive difference you are making as a conscious entrepreneur and visionary leader.

AND, FOR EVERYONE IN OUR CONSCIOUS MILLIONAIRE COMMUNITY, we provide a wide range of life-altering resources such as our top-ranked Conscious Millionaire Podcasts, free “First Million Webinar”, products, entrepreneur resources, coaching options, blogs, as well as J V’s Huffington Post Column and Articles.  Join our Free Conscious Millionaire Community now. We want to have you in our community.

Private Coaching with J V Crum III is designed to help conscious entrepreneurs with strong six or seven-figure revenues who want to make a bigger difference by helping more people and who seek to double their business in 12 months or less.

In addition, we offer a private Breakthrough Day with J V. These private programs are available on a very limited basis and are by application.

Private Coaching is by Application: Click here to Apply Now.

At the core of all business success and growth is personal and spiritual growth. This is why we take a holistic approach that includes mind, body, and spirit. Both I and our staff are here to help you achieve life-altering transformation by connecting with higher-consciousness, learning proven business and marketing strategies, and creating the best version of  your business possible.

Our Risk-Free Guarantee: Because we believe in what we offer, every investment you make comes with an unconditional 30-Day Risk-Free, Money-Back Guarantee.





Our goal is for you to become a Conscious Millionaire. We have a wide range of life-altering resources, podcast interviews, coaching options, products, free webinars, blogs, articles, and our free membership in our Conscious Millionaire Community to help you do that.

As you’ve probably discovered, it’s often difficult, frustrating, and challenging to achieve entrepreneur and financial success alone. In fact, few people thrive without being a member of a community, without having a like-minded tribe to share mutual support and to collaborate with on their journey.

This is why we consider having a tribe to be the most important first step you can take toward becoming a Conscious Millionaire. This is why we invite you to join us today. Membership is free and we give you our “12 Millionaire Entrepreneur Resources” that we use in our business as a special thank you gift. Join Conscious Millionaire Community Now.




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