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LRochelle-headKusadasiTurkey06Your business may be humming right along, but your marketing and promotional platform is falling flat. Any clues why your hustle isn’t paying off? If you’re not Rockin’ at the top of the charts, publishing a book may be the breakout boost your business needs.

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or a seasoned moneymaker, if you have yet to publish a book, what are you waiting for?

A book that features your unique business insights is an invaluable, long term asset, and shares your message of how and why you want to make a difference.

Compose your business basics

You have cultivated an expertise, philosophy, and set of strategies to share with the world that no one else can duplicate. Like a music composer, you can integrate the harmony, melody, form and rhythm of your business in a book, to create the apex of your marketing platform.

Oh sure, you may argue that there are numerous colleagues in your field, so why would anyone read what you have to say?

Each of us has a unique voice. A book can capture that inner chorus which will resonate with uncountable people you’re unlikely to reach otherwise, around the country and around the world.

Exploring the in-depth details of your business while writing, is an added and often unsung lyrical benefit. It forces you to examine the obvious as well as the obscure mechanics of it, which result in more fully developing its concepts, strategies, and procedures.

Take your thirty-second elevator speech and turn it into a saga. Expand every element, vision and scope, until your masterpiece is revealed.

Your top 4 reasons not to write a book:

  • I don’t have time.
  • I don’t know the first thing about writing a book.
  • My writing and grammar skills aren’t good enough.
  • It costs too much to publish a book.

4 reasons why you’re wrong:

  • Time is relative. You have time for important tasks. This one is essential to your business platform. A business book establishes integrity and creates immediate trust in your expertise.
  • You don’t need to know everything, or even anything, about writing a book. Connect with someone who does; or perhaps consider co-writing with a colleague.
  • Hmmmm, are you recalling those “Ds” in high school English? No problem. The core of a business book is your expertise in the business! Leave the grammar polish to an editor. A professional editor will help you refine your composition in a way that will stimulate your voice.
  • There are soooo many ways to publish a book these days! From $0.00 (CreateSpace; and for a small fee, use your own branded company as publisher), to moderately priced (any number of self-publishing facilitators, from $500/up), to working with a printer and further branding your business (generally $3,000+).

4 ways to get started writing a business book:

  • Don’t let the overall scope of a book project intimidate you. As J V Crum III often tells us, “chunk it down.”
  • Identify the result you want your readers to take away.
  • List the key topics of knowledge that may become chapters.
  • Note a few personal experiences for sharing, in which you faced issues and resolved them with your learned or innate expertise.

Grow your business ~ Make your difference ~ Write a book!



Bio: LinDee Rochelle is an author, book editor, and owner of Penchant for Penning. For the past twenty years she has written magazine articles, and counseled authors seeking information about today’s publishing world. Her first in a legacy book series about pioneering Rock & Roll Radio DJs, is available now:

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