Entrepreneurs who are attracted to Conscious Millionaire are change-makers who want to positively impact their clients and our world.

We also help current podcasters as well as entrepreneurs who want to use podcasting to achieve more visibility for themselves and their business.

You want to Play Bigger. However, for you, that’s not just about making the money and a high-quality lifestyle. It’s about expressing your purpose as an entrepreneur.


Then, for a moment, I invite you to imagine your life different than it is right now. Imagine making money, creating wealth, building and growing your business, by doing what fulfills you the most.

And, what fulfills you and me, in fact, all human beings the most? It is doing something that we believe matters, it is making a difference and creating a positive impact.

At Conscious Millionaire, we teach entrepreneurs the steps necessary to make money faster by making a bigger impact.

Do you have a message you want to share or a difference you want to make?

And, are you driven to grow your business faster than you ever thought possible?

Then you are in the right place!  

We provide the Group Bootcamp Training, the School of Podcasting, and our exclusive VIP Elite Private Coaching,

How can we help you grow and scale your business?

Our Group Programs and Produces are designed for entrepreneurs and podcasters who want to reach their First Million. Discover the exact steps you need to accelerate your business growth!

While, VIP Elite Private Coaching is for established small and mid-sized entrepreneurial businesses and coaches. Private coaching focuses on defining your next level then developing the mindset, strategic steps, and systems to achieve it.

Want to Make Your First Million?

If you are like most people who come to our website, then your #1 financial goal is to Make Your First Million or if you are already a Millionaire, you likely want to scale bigger. You want to become a Conscious Millionaire by growing a business that makes a difference!

And, to achieve your financial goals requires both internal and external work. It’s about taking a journey of evolving and transforming, as a person and a business.

Millions of people are drawn to Conscious Millionaire to hear our podcasts and learn how to take a conscious path to financial success. We combine sound financial strategies with mindset and consciousness. For many, it is also spiritual.



*We back your VIP Private Coaching directly with JV Crum III, with our “double your coaching investment” in 12-months guarantee, so we take all the risk.

Now, I’m proud we are making an impact on 12 million listeners. Our Syndicated Podcast and Radio Network’s 1,800 show episodes are heard in 190 countries. Inc. Magazine named us a Top 13 Business Podcast. We’ve also been called…

“The #1 Conscious Podcast Network on the Planet!”

– Raj Sisodia, Co-Author with Whole Food’s John Mackey, Conscious Capitalism.



At Conscious Millionaire, we empower entrepreneurs to Create Millionaire Wealth by Changing the World. We form a “collaborative partnership” with clients to help action-takers achieve more than they ever could alone. 

However, the unfortunate, even tragic problem that most entrepreneurs experience is they plateau,  get stuck, or literally can’t see the next big opportunity along their journey. This happens to every high performer on the planet.

Right now, you may be struggling to get focused or discover the right steps. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed and stressed-out. Even after hitting big goals, you still aren’t thriving and feel like you need to get out of your own way.

You may wake up daily, feeling like you’ve only scratched the surface, that you were born to  get your message out to more people. For some, it even feels emotionally painful that they aren’t making a much larger difference. 

Or, you want to scale faster and put much more money in the bank. You want to impact the world and increase your profits, while enjoying a life that fulfills you!

Here is what clients are saying:

“Through JV’s coaching and custom empowerment audio, I was able to double my business from 1M to a 2M run rate in 5 months!”

– *Jon Delucia, Client, Business Owner, Entrepreneur

“I just invoiced more in one week than I usually invoice in an entire quarter. Year after year, my business has shown amazing growth since I started coaching with JV.”

– *Laura Sicola, Client, Executive Vocal Impact Coach

“Coaching with JV has helped me change my mindset. In just two months, our monthly revenue has a 30% increase and continues to grow!”

– *Pol Cousineau, Accountant, CPA (Quebec), Marketer, Business Coach

“JV is one of the Top Coaches in the World who can help you both transform consciously and achieve high-levels of financial success.”

– *Marcus Aurelius Anderson, Client, Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

Clients have also credited JV’s coaching and empowerment audios with helping to create remarkable breakthroughs. *Zach Benson created 55k in recurring monthly revenue. *Jon Delucia doubled from 1M to 2M run rate in just 5 months.


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A Brief Introduction to JV Crum III

Our Founder and CEO, JV Crum III, is motivated by a deep desire to coach and mentor high performing entrepreneurs who want to make a bigger impact and bigger money, men and women who want to live a better life while changing others and the world.

JV is a 34 x #1 best-selling author, futurist, top-ranked podcaster, international speaker, millionaire mindset coach, strategy advisor, and serial-entrepreneur who has built and sold companies. JV made his first million at the age of 25.

With a diverse background that includes graduate degrees in three areas: law, JD; business, MBA; and psychology, MS, he was also inducted into Mensa. JV is a certified coach, has extensive training in Gestalt, and holds multiple certifications in N.L.P. and Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Personally, JV loves adventure, outdoor sports, working out, camping, cooking, traveling, collecting art, concerts including jazz, rock, and classical music, musing over a good book, amazing conversations, and building deep, meaningful relationships.