At Conscious Millionaire, we believe in building businesses that inspire and uplift customers, high-profit businesses that make an impact.

That is why JV Crum III, Founder, Master NLP and Certified Coach, provides  coaching specifically designed for both 6- and 7-Figure entrepreneurs & CEOs.

By combining mindset, strategy, and execution, our VIP Private Coaching creates a level of results that most coaches and programs promise, but fail to achieve.

The reason most coaching programs focus on either the internal OR the external transformation, but not both.

However, without tapping into the potential locked within you, and then uniting it with profit-driven strategies, it’s not possible to maximize your business growth and sales.

It is by aligning your internal mindset and self-perception with external business strategy and execution, that you make your biggest impact and profit.

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Let’s talk to see if I’m the coach to unlock the power within you. You’ll leave our session with the vision – maybe for the first time – of how you will achieve the success and impact you so desperately want.

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Why Coach with JV?

By applying his unique combination of skills, JV coaches you to shift your mindset, strategy, and execution so you can grow your profits faster and expand the impact you make.

As a serial entrepreneur who has personally built and sold companies, he can coach you through multiple stages of business growth and help you prepare for a highly profitable exit. A member of Mensa, JV brings genius-level insight and strategy to help you breakthrough and simplify even the most complex business problems.

JV is a mindset expert with a Masters in Psychology and multiple certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP. He will coach you to shift your perception of who you are and what you can achieve!

By utilizing the strong analytical skills he developed as an Attorney, JV can spot the essential key issue that is holding your business back, then resolve it by utilizing his MBA training.

And, as a man with extensive transformational training in consciousness, spirituality, and human potential, JV can hold the space for you to do your work – so that you can finally get out of your own way and take your life and business to your next, much bigger, level.