To Be Successful, Think Successful

Guest Blog by Naren Arulrajah From childhood, we are taught that success is the product of hard work. Unfortunately, we grow up into a world where some of the most laborious professions are also the lowest paid, and have the least room for advancement. Effort is surely a building block in achievement, but it is … Continued

Get Customers for Life!

Melinda Wittstock is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning journalist, and innovator in social media and artificial intelligence. She’s a believer in mindfulness and spiritual growth, proving that success truly manifests when we shed our limiting beliefs. The CEO and founder of Verifeed, she has innovated a predictive social intelligence platform to generate and measure your Return … Continued

Create a Big Presence on LinkedIN

Mike O’Neil is CEO of Integrated Alliances. He enjoys 30,000 LinkedIn connections, two Forbes Top 50 Social Media awards and he’s taught over 500 LinkedIn sessions to B2B audiences. For 2017, he presents Navigating LinkedIn to help existing LinkedIn users thrive with the newest and the Sales Navigator add-on. Expert tips on using LinkedIN … Continued

How to Become a Champion

Siphiwe Baleka is the founder of Fitness Trucking, LLC and serves as the Driver Health and Fitness Coach at Prime Inc., one of America’s largest trucking companies. His innovative, on-the-go wellness program has helped thousands of truck drivers lose weight and reclaim their health. His premise is that ANYONE with 4 minutes can get fit. … Continued

From an Ordinary to Significant Man

Aaron Walker is a veteran entrepreneur. Starting his first business at 18, and selling to a Fortune 500 company demonstrates his passion for success. He then started, bought, and sold eight successful companies over the past 36 years. He spends the majority of his time helping men grow in Success and Significance as President and … Continued

Build Your Thriving Community

Coach Lianne Bridges is the Founder of Designing Transformation and believes that when we connect to our life purpose we harness the power to transform worlds – starting with our own lives. She is a coach who helps people to identify and fulfill their calling by offering them strategic business and leadership guidance. Her proprietary … Continued

5 Simple Solutions to Give You an Edge During a Long Interview Process

You love landing a great job, but just the thought of multiple levels of interviews can be daunting, and those thoughts can work against you. In the end it may not be the most qualified person who lands the job, but rather the applicant with the most dialogue stamina. How do you stay mentally charged … Continued

Focus Now – Business Attuned to the Energies of the Time by Dianne Collins

 Guest Blog by Dianne Collins The exciting thing about being an entrepreneur is that by nature you have great fluidity and flexibility. You can shift and change on a dime, crafting and maneuvering your business with finesse. The brilliance of being a conscious entrepreneur is you do this with awakened awareness and wisdom. You … Continued